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Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is a poisonous spider that is spread throughout the US. They enjoy building their webs in undisturbed dark places. Normally around piled wood, barns or trees. If they find shelter inside a home, they prefer to be inside of cardboard boxes. The brown recluse spider is not much bigger than a quarter, and for the most part is non-aggressive. If you have several of these spiders in your house, you may need to call in professional spider extermination services.

Life Cycle

The female brown recluse can lay several different egg sacs at one time. Some studies have found up to 91 eggs in one egg sac. It is estimated that the female brown recluse will lay between 30 to 300 eggs during her lifetime. These egg sacs will hatch within a month or two. The babies will stay with their mother until they reach adulthood. It will take a year for the baby brown recluse to grow into its full adult size. Once they reach their adult stage, they will leave the nest and make homes for themselves.

The brown recluse spider normally mates during June and July. That way the babies will hatch before fall begins. Even though the brown recluse spider is very resilient, they will find some shelter during the winter months. Most adult spiders will only live for one or two years before expiring.

Bites and Treatments

The fangs on the brown recluse are fragile. Their fangs will not pierce skin, which is why they can only puncture a human’s skin if they land directly on it. Most bites happen while a person is putting on clothes that have been undisturbed for a while. The spiders will hide in things like boots, clothing and gloves.

Studies have shown that the brown recluse spider has two different bite types. One that is filled with venom while the other is referred to as a dry bite with no venom. How someone reacts to the bite will largely depend on how sensitive they are to insect bites.

Most people may not even notice they have been bitten. The bite is relatively evasive, but some people have shown a more intense reaction to the bite area. In some cases necrotic will set in. This is apparent by the black area around the bite site. The venom of the brown recluse spider can cause tissue cells to die and rot away. This will happen within the first twenty four hours of being bitten. If it does not happen within that time, then you will not have to worry about it.


Because of the adapting ability of the brown recluse spider, most insecticides will not work. You may be able to find a spider exterminator to help with getting rid of the spiders. If not, glue traps have shown to work very well. There are also some natural things that have been shown to keep them away from your house, such as lemon scented dust and eucalyptus.
Use plastic tubs instead of cardboard boxes, the cardboard attracts them because it smells like rotting trees to the spider.

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