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Is the Asian Ladybug a Pest?

During the warmer seasons on the East Coast, it’s pretty common to see an Asian lady beetle or ladybug. However, when cities such as Pittsburgh or Canonsburg, PA become colder, these pretty little beetles can find their way into homes to hibernate and stay out of the cold. Once it becomes warmer, a homeowner may find they have a large group of these insects inside their home or on the outer structures.
While they do no bodily harm to humans, they can become a nuisance when there is an overwhelming amount of them in a home. Some homeowners may find these invasions come year after year. Why? These Asian ladybugs will find a suitable place to stay and then produce a pheromone.This attractant pheromone will cause these insects to return to the same site year after year.

What do they look like?

Asian ladybugs are rather small, growing up to 7 mm in length. They can range in colors. Some are a vibrant red while others have shades of orange or yellow. The small black dots found on their hard shells can vary in number. They also have a distinguishing feature or having an “M” shaped mark that is found behind their head.

What do they eat and where do they live?

Asian ladybugs are beneficial insects. They were originally imported to control the population of crop pests. They usually eat such insects such as aphids and mealybugs.
These insects prefer warmth and sunlight. During the winter time they hibernate. When it comes to an infestation, Asian lady bugs prefer homes and buildings that are closer to woods and are generally quiet. Often times, they will enter a home through cracks or small holes and will stay in areas such as the attic since it is quieter with less human interaction.

How to tell if there is an infestation

An Asian ladybug infestation can be an obvious one. The first and most obvious sign is a large number of these beetles on the home’s outer structure or on the walls and ceilings inside. Another way to tell if there is an Asian ladybug infestation is by finding their secretions. These beetles can produce and deposit a yellow secretion on surfaces.
Once it is determined that there is an Asian ladybug infestation, it is best to contact an exterminator who can service all and any of the homeowner’s needs. Local Pennsylvania pest control company, Spectrum Pest Control, has the knowledge and the experience to remove these insects from the home and eliminate the chances for them to return the following season when the winter is over.

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