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The increasing problem of bedbugs in Cranberry Twp PA

This insect has been named as bedbug probably due to its association with the human beds. During the daytime they hide in the nooks and corners of our beds and sneaks out at the night time to feed on the occupants of the bed.

Bedbugs were initially found in New York and New Jersey in USA. But with time bedbugs have also landed in Cranberry Twp, PA and many small towns. It is not that bedbugs are causing a nuisance only in our homes and offices, but in hotels, restaurants and hospitals too. This problem of bedbug infestation has also affected the tourism business of Pennsylvania and it been reported that a number of hotels even had to be shut down by the Dept. of Health. The experts of Spectrum Pest Control are continuously educating people as to what they should do to get rid of these bedbugs. The best bet is to give Spectrum Pest Control Cranberry Twp Pennsylvania a call at first sign.

Where do bedbugs generally harbor?

Bedbugs are generally found in crevices and cracks of wooden furniture especially our beds, around mattresses, wall hangings, stuffed furniture, closets, light switches, loose wallpapers, frames of windows and doors etc. These bugs can survive for more than a year without food, which is blood in their case. Hence they can be easily transported through suitcases and beddings via ships and aircrafts etc.

Are bedbugs harmful?

Although bites of bedbugs are not painful, but almost around 80% of the people are allergic to the saliva of these bugs. Severe swellings may occur around the area of the bite in highly sensitive people. Till date there are no strong evidences of bedbugs transmitting diseases in human.

Inspection of Bedbugs

If you notice spots of insect bites on your body but can’t find any insects around. Then there are chances that you have been bitten by bedbugs because these creatures are nocturnal and you can’t see them in the day time. These critters are difficult to locate if you are not trained, so the best thing would be to right away call for an expert licensed bedbug’s Exterminator. They can exterminate these nasty bugs with the help of trained dogs that can detect bedbugs even from the smallest crevices and cracks.

How do exterminators help in eradication of bedbugs?

Following are few of the expert techniques used by the exterminators in eliminating bedbugs:

> Vacuuming – By this process even the eggs of the bugs can be removed. Their vacuums have HEPA Filters which are of high efficiency.

> High Heat Steaming Process – Steam cleaning is considered very effective in such cases. The exterminators do it with the help of professional machines which produces dry steam which is superheated. All probable places are cleaned with the help of this process.

> Treatment of Cyonite Freeze – Bedbugs give in to freezing temperatures. But this temperature should be maintained for a reasonable period.

> Encasing – Box springs and mattresses are wrapped with zipped covers which prevents the bedbugs from escaping and also further entering.

> Application of dust – Dust of both diatomaceous earth and silica gel are equally effective in this case.

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