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How To Eradicate Bed Bugs from Your Life?

Bed bugs are a very hardy insect. Both the nymphs and adults can survive for a long time even in unfavorable temperature and without food. An unfed bug is rusty brown in color, flat and oval in shape. But after feeding the color turns reddish brown and it becomes swollen and elongated. The nymphs are almost colorless. Adult bed bugs can reach the size of a ¼ inches long whereas the size of a nymph is between 1 to 5 mm. The mouthparts of bed bugs are piercing which helps them in sucking blood from the hosts.

How these bed bugs infect our houses?

Bed bugs generally prefer to hide in the beds, fold of mattresses, cracks, upholstery, behind loose wallpapers and wall hangings, frames of windows and doors, light switches, closets, unused electric appliances etc. You should inspect for bed bugs in dark and isolated places because they love to take shelter here.

How are human beings threatened by bed bugs?

Human beings are the most coveted host of the bed bug. Even though bites of these bed bugs are not painful, but it has been seen that almost 80% people are sensitive to the saliva of these bugs. It has been proved that bed bugs are a carrier of several diseases like plague, yellow fever, typhus, anthrax etc.

Three steps of eradicating bed bugs from your homes?

Once you have a sure that your home has been infested by bed bugs, you should immediately follow the 3 steps mentioned below;

1. Identification – There are many ways to identify but the most common way is by visual evidence. They generally leave behind traces of feces, dead skin and even eggs.

2. Clean up – Rigorous cleaning needs to be done of every possible affected area.

3. Prevention – The next step is prevention. Traps and natural repellent products are a great way of preventing the bugs from returning.

Are there any pest control methods of getting rid of the bed bugs?
Even if you feel that you have wiped off the bed bugs out completely, it’s still wise to consult a professional exterminator since they will make sure that these bugs never come back. These licensed service providers generally use the following techniques to eradicate these bugs. Some or all of the following process could be used depending on what is necessary for your home: vacuuming, encasing, allocation of diatomaceous earth and silica gel and use of extreme temperatures. They repeat these processes to ensure that these bugs never return.
Bed bug control may be tricky but not impossible. So take control of these bugs today and get back to the quality life you deserve.

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