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Dealing with Wolf Spider Infestations

Wolf spiders are hair-covered arachnids and there are around two hundred known species of this spider family across the United States and Canada. The length of their bodies can reach 35mm and they have a combination of coloring, which includes touches of gray, brown and black. These spiders are able to move with speed and due to their appearance some people get them mixed up with other spider species such as tarantulas.

These spiders have a lot of different habitats and environments in which they like to reside. This includes everything from dry woodland through to coastal areas and more. They can sometimes be found dwelling in household gardens and even inside properties. They are unlike other spiders in that they do not spin webs in which to reside. Instead, they tend to burrow into the ground to create their dwellings.

Invasion of properties

It is during the fall that these arachnids tend to find their way into buildings, as they seek a warmer environment as the weather gets colder. Once in the property, they may be discovered in a range of different places such as in garages, doors, windows and plant pots. You may find the spiders in your garden or outside your home during the warmer weather.

When it comes to reproduction, the female of the species is lays around one hundred eggs or more and these are carried around by the female until the time hatch comes around. Once the eggs have hatched the offspring stays with the female for a couple of weeks but will then go their own way. Give the number of eggs that can be laid and hatched by the female wolf spider, an invasion of your property can prove to be quite a daunting and frightening experience. Visible signs of the arachnids are the main way to tell whether you have these creatures in your property. If you do have these spiders in your home or commercial building, you should contact specialists to help.

Get a professional to help

When you contact a professional at Spectrum Pest Control, you will benefit from having an expert to help get rid of your wolf spider infestation before it gets out of hand. Our professionals have been serving residents and businesses in Leechburg PA for many years and have the necessary expertise and equipment to ensure that your infestation is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for considering Spectrum Pest Control for all your pest control needs.

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