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Spider Mites, the Garden Killer

Homeowners who take pride in their gardens should be wary of the harmful pest known as the spider mite. These mites wreak havoc and destroy a homeowner’s plants. Due to the fact that these spider mites can eat up to a hundred species of plants, it can be hard to select or choose plants these pests will not eat. Spider mites can turn up in gardens all over the country including in cities such as Mercer, PA.

What do spider mites look like?

Spider mites are very small insects that often cannot be seen with the naked eye. They can be as small as a grain of sand. Upon closer inspection, these mites are oval shaped and vary in color. Their mouth has needle-like sections that give them the ability to pierce through leaves to feed. While they are named spider mites, these mites get their name due to the webbing they create and not because of their appearance.

How do spider mites end up in a person’s garden?

The most common way for spider mites to gain access to a person’s garden is through transportation. As with many pests, these mites may already be on outside plants. Once these plants are purchased and transferred to the garden, that is when the infestation can and will begin.

How to tell if there is a spider mite infestation

The best way to determine if there is a spider mite infestation is to look at the leaves in the garden. One of the first signs of an infestation is yellow spots and speckles present on the leaves. These spots will spread from the leaves to the entire plant. Another sign of an infestation is webbing. If there is a lot of webbing found, the spider mite infestation may be severe. One other sign of an infestation are spider mite eggs. These will be small round white beads that can be found on the plants. The eggs are actually easier to see and target than the spider mites themselves.

What to do if there is an infestation

The best thing for a person to do is to contact their local pest control company and have them send an exterminator over. A company such as Spectrum Pest Control will have the knowledge and experience to best serve the client to remove the spider mite infestation with the least amount of harm done to the garden and plants.

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