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What are velvet ants?

Velvet ants look like large hairy ants, but they are actually wasps. Among the velvet ants, the red velvet ant is the largest in size being 3 to 4 inch in length. The males have wings while the females don’t, but the females are the one that you need to be most careful about, because they sting. These are the ones that are also called ‘cow killer’ because their sting is so hard and painful that it could kill a cow. This is a very good looking and attractive insect which makes kids trying to catch them, but they are dangerous because of their deadly sting. They are a solitary insect and usually only found singularly.

How do they get into the house?

They are not generally found within the home, if you find them in your house they are likely to have wandered in. These wasps are usually found in the lawns and gardens. They dig into the soil and stay there; the female cow killer lays eggs on the cocoon of other wasps and feeds on nectar and water. So, if you have a garden or lawn, or an open garage, watch out for the velvet ants there.
Where are they are likely to be located if they are around my home?
The Females prefer barren or sandy areas during the warmer summer months but have been known occasionally to venture into structures for their insect prey. The males almost always prefer flowers and can most likely be found there although some species are nocturnal.

Are they harmful for you?

These wasps are not chemically harmful, neither is their sting lethal. However, they have not acquired the name ‘cow killer’ for nothing. The female velvet ant’s sting is extremely painful, if stung the pain will remain for at least an hour. In case of children the pain might get unbearable and there could be a requirement of pain killers. If you or your kids are allergic to bee sting then it could get dangerous for you. Take all the medical measures that you would in case of a bee sting, if you are stung by a velvet ant.
The good thing about them is that unlike bees they are loners and move around alone. This reduces their power to harm humans.

How can you get rid of velvet ants?

The velvet ants occupy the nests and cocoons of other wasps and bees, so the first thing that you need to do is remove any bee hive or wasp nest from around your property. Warn the children in the house that these wasps should never be touched by bare hand and feet.
Even if you think that there is no bee hive or cocoon near your house call a pest control professional like Spectrum Pest Control Murrysville Pennsylvania to safely remove any killer cow ants from your property and to do a inspection for nests/cocoons that may be present. This will avoid you coming into contact with their painful stingers and they can make sure the issue is completely eliminated.

Remember: The next time you see a cute looking hairy ant do not ignore it or try to pick it up, remember that they are proud title holder of ‘cow killer’.

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