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What You Need to Know About Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are not agricultural pests but can be known as a nuisance insect. Found primarily on boxelder, ash, and maple trees, these insects can be found all over North America, including places such as New Castle, PA. They can invade the home during the winter months in large numbers by finding can holes or voids in the structure. While they don’t really do harm to the structure, they can be overwhelming for a homeowner and will need to be removed.

What are the appearance and features of a box elder bug?

These insects are very distinguishable in their appearance and can be easily recognized. Their body is black in color and is marked with bright red lines along the sides and the thorax. They have flat red wings and can grow up to 12 mm in length. The nymphs will be a bright red, similar to the veining found on the body.
Boxelder bugs can be confused with stink bugs, but they differ in appearance. Like stink bugs, they do release a pungent and unpleasant scent to discourage predators from attacking. This ability allows them to congregate in large groups without being attacked. When disturbed, this foul odor is emitted through the air and can be very unpleasant for homeowner.

How to prevent an infestation?

Prevention is the key to avoid any sort of infestation. If a homeowner has a boxelder tree, it may be in their best interest to remove the surrounding trees from the home. Also it is important to repair and seal any holes or gaps found in screens and any damaged windows. However even if all can be done for prevention, it will do no good if they are already in the home.

What is the sign of an infestation?

The first sign of a box elder infestation is the when they start to invade in large numbers. If they have already invaded, the homeowner will be able to see the bugs begin to come out of their hibernation places once the weather becomes warmer. As stated before, these insects are pretty easy to identify, but a homeowner should not take things into their own hands. Instead a professional pest control company should be called, such as Spectrum Pest Control. They will send an exterminator who will provide all his services and properly remove these bugs from the home and also give advice on how to prevent them from invading again.

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