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Spring Springtails From Your Home

These nuisance pests are very small insects that can cause quite a stir in the home. However, even though spring tails can be a nuisance to deal with, these insects are not dangerous to people, pets, or the home’s structure. That being said, their presence can be a sign that there is a moisture problem in the home. Springtails are insects that thrive in moist areas and can alarm homeowners with their vast population. These pests prefer warmer moist climates but can be found year-round indoors in all types of cities including, Washington, PA.

What do springtails look like?

Springtails are very small insects that only grow up to 6 mm. Their name is derived from their ability to jump up in the air due to their furcula (a spring like tail mechanism) found tucked under the abdomen. When disturbed or alarmed, the furcula will activate and spring the insect up in the air. This trait often confuses springtails with fleas but unlike fleas, these insects are not parasites and will do no harm to humans or animals. Springtails are dark and grey in color and also possess a pair of antennae.

What do springtails eat and where do they live?

Springtails are omnivores and will mostly eat mold and fungus. Generally they prefer to live in damp soil, such as flowerbeds or under paving stones. If their environment becomes too dry, they go to find more suitable conditions. They prefer humid, moist places such as basements, bathrooms, or any area that has moisture damage. Sometimes they can even find a home in mildewed furniture.

How to eliminate springtails?

In order to eliminate these insects, it’s best to make sure the home’s structure does not have any leaks or water damage. Springtails will make the way quickly out of an environment if it is too dry for them. However, a homeowner’s own investigation may not be thorough enough so it is suggested that an exterminator be called to determine if the springtails are truly gone from the home. Pest control companies such as Spectrum Pest Control are not only thorough in their search of pests; they can also serve the homeowner even more by pointing out areas that could be causing the infestations. Also calling a pest control company can actually save the homeowner money in many cases since the experienced exterminator can efficiently and safely remove these pests from the home.

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