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Hornets Nesting Too Close For Comfort

Hornets are insects that are usually grouped with wasps and yellow jackets alike. While it is correct that hornets are in fact a type of wasp, they have unique characteristics that classify them separately from other species of wasps. Hornets are indeed stinging insects but some of their characteristics make them different from wasps and yellow jackets. The main type of hornet introduced to the US is the bald-faced hornet. They can be found in various cities and states, including Plum, PA. If a hornet suspects there is a hornet infestation in their home, it’s best to leave the removal of them in the hands of a professional exterminator.

What do hornets look like?

These insects are larger than wasps and can grow up to 1.5 inches in length. The bald-faced hornet has a black colored body with white colored marking on its face. The European hornet has a reddish-brown coloring. It is often noted that bald-faced hornets have similar features to the yellow jacket due to their coloring but they are larger than yellow jackets.

What is their behavior?

Hornets are very aggressive insects that will not hesitate to attack if they feel their nest is threatened. This is why it is very dangerous for inexperienced people to try to remove hornets themselves. These insects will sting a person multiple times if they feel they are under attack. Unlike wasps, they will rarely scavenge for food and will often hunt and prey upon other insects. Hornets are actually beneficial in ridding people of unwanted pest insects but they can still prove to be dangerous if their dwelling place is too close to a person’s home. They are most active during the day and will build their nests out of paper in trees.

How to tell if there is an infestation

The best way to determine if there is an infestation is to carefully observe the area. If the homeowner finds more than one hornet flying around in a certain area, it is a definite sign that there is a nest near the section. Sometimes the actual paper nest can be spotted along with the worker hornets. The homeowner’s suspicions should be confirmed by a professional pest control company such as, Spectrum Pest Control. If a person tries to remove and eliminate these hornets without the correct or proper information, all they may do is anger and agitate these insects. Instead it’s best to leave this insect removal in the hands of these professionals. They have the experience and knowledge to serve a homeowner and rid the nest of hornets safely from the area.

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