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Put an End to Acrobat Ant Infestations

Any type of insect infestation can prove to be a huge problem in your home or commercial premises, and the longer you leave it before taking action the worse the problem may get. If you have an acrobat ant infestation you need to bear in mind that this is something that can quickly spiral out of control if it is not addressed with speed and efficiency.

These ants get their name from their habit of lifting their abdomens up above their heads in an acrobatic manner, which is something that commonly happens if someone or something disturbs them. In America you will find a number of different variations of this ant and they are identified through their abdomen, which is in the shape of a heart. They also have the ability to give off an unpleasant smell if they are disturbed, making it even more important to get any infestation problems sorted out.

About the acrobat ant

While acrobat ants are pretty small, they can cause a problem when they infest your property just like the various other ant species. In addition to feasting on honeydew and other insects, these ants tend to like sweet foods and meat. They are also very innovative when it comes to finding a way into your property and can use a number of different routes to gain entry and create their nests.

When it comes to their nesting habits, these ants tend to like damp areas as well as nesting in wood that has been damaged. You will sometimes be able to identify an infestation through the presence of the wood shavings that they push out of the wood grain when creating galleries to enable them to move around. Other signs include actually seeing the ants foraging in trails as well as debris that they leave behind when they leave their nests. These ants also produce swarmers, which are the winged variety that are able to fly the nest in order to mate.

Take speedy action to address the infestation

It is important to take speedy action in order to address any acrobat ant infestation in your property, and the most efficient way to do this is with the help of professionals. Using a specialist company such as Spectrum Pest Control will ensure that you get a professional exterminator with experience in serving homes and businesses in Vandergrift PA.

Thanks for considering Spectrum Pest Control for all your pest control needs.

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